Length [m]

Service speed [kn]

Breadth [m]

Draft max [m]

Cargo hold capacity [m3]

No. of cargo holds

MachoShip34 is a live fish carrier designed for running closed fish systems, and to be able to transport up to 500 tons of salmon. It also has the option of using direct pressure unloading.

This live fish carrier can carry out a variety of operations. In addition to closed transport of fish in large RSW tanks, it can also carry out treatment with fresh water and hydrogen peroxide, sort fish, filter seawater when loading fish, in addition to having functions to sort out cleaner fish and stun/bleed weak fish.

The design uses a diesel-electric propulsion system, and meets all future environmental requirements in terms of emissions of CO2 and NOx. Arrangements have also been made for cleaning ballast water. 

It features a low-resistance hull, and the vessels of this design have a service speed of a as high as 13 knots.

It has two cargo tanks of 1700 m3 each, and can therefore boast a total cargo volume of 3400 m3. Considering its ability to be equipped with e.g. thermolicer for lice treatment, it is clear that this design can perform a variety of tasks.


Gåsø Freyja

Freyja Jarl

Gåsø Jarl