The new generation of aquaculture vessels

We have extensive experience in vessel design and are specialized in efficient and environmentally friendly aquaculture vessels - both new-builds and conversions.

We create the ship designs of the future

We have extensive experience in vessel design and are specialized in efficient and environmentally friendly aquaculture vessels
- both new-builds and conversions.

The customer's needs are our focus

We are proud of our work and always want to optimize our designs. By meeting their needs and wishes, we create tailor-made solutions which are just right for our customer. 

Close co-operation with customers and suppliers, as well as obtaining user experience from previous vessels, is vital to achieve what we strive for; the best possible result and satisfaction of everyone all the way from the board room to the work deck.


The world's first vessel concept for industrial seaweed cultivation

We believe that both the cultivation and harvesting of seaweed have a secure place in the Norwegian marine industry of the future. Development of vessels and technology for such activities was initiated by participation in the Research Council's marine technology initiative. 

"At Møre Maritime, we like to be [fremoverlent -- offensiv?] and looking to the future. Taking part in the development of new aquaculture vessels is very exciting to us! No task is too big or too small for us when it comes to taking the aquaculture industry one step further."

Marte Kamphus

General manager, Møre Maritime

Møre Maritime has designed a 20-meter, all-electric "Sundbåt" (harbor ferry) with room for 99 passengers. We hope it won't be long before it graces a harbor!

Sundbåten is a cultural monument in our hometown, Kristiansund, and has characterized the cityscape since 1876. It is thus the world's oldest public transport company which has been in continuous operation.  

Our most important resource

Rooted in Kristiansund's proud maritime history through Sterkoder and Atlantconsult, as well as younger forces, our team of employees has a good mix of solid experience and young enthusiasm. 

We are creative, forthcoming and welcome any challenge!

«Modeling and arranging vessels for the aquaculture industry puts your creativity and problem-solving skills to the test. In many ways, it's like playing Tetris - for an engineer, it doesn't get any better than that, does it?»

Kristin Eide Øien

Project engineer at Møre Maritime

The schooner Ideal was built in Kristiansund as a worthy representative of the very best in construction and shipbuilding art from the early 20th century.

Møre Maritime has also contributed to the project, with drawings, stability and other documentation on the vessel. 

Live fish carriers

Our engineers have designed vessels for the aquaculture industry since the first generation of live fish carriers. Our designs can handle many different tasks, and we have acquired good experience and understanding of the systems onboard.   

Our design MachoShip75 has revolutionized the live fish carrier market. It boasts a width of 30.9 m and a cargo volume of 7500 m3. It has excellent maneuverability at the fish farms.

Process vessels

The world's first process vesssel as a new-build is based on Møre Maritime's Macho36 APV design. Following the success of this design, we can offer process vessels in sizes ranging from 19 to 55 meters.

The designs have a green environmental profile, with collection of blood water and low fuel consumption in operation.

Service vessels

Our service vessels are designed to work in open waters. They can perform a wide range of tasks within aquaculture, and we have several [spenstige] designs.

We have designed catamarans and monohull vessels in several sizes.

Other concepts

We are constantly working with different companies to develop new, exciting concepts.

In our archive we have many concepts within most segments. When customers contact us about new concepts, the probability is high that we already have a solid foundation to build on.

We have developed combined solutions such as feed/live fish carrier, live fish carrier/process vessel, service vessel/process vessel.