Fosen Yard


My gut feeling says that the seaweed industry could become a major industry in ten to fifteen years. In that case advanced vessels and new technology are needed. We were estabished in 2003 and have ambitions to be the best marine engineering consulting company for aquaculture vessels, and have the same ambitions for seaweed. It is an area where we will have knowledge, and we will have a preferred vessel design ready when the market is ripe for it.

– Svein K. Waagbø, Møre Maritime

  • Tidy engine room with ample ceiling height
  • Combined galley and dayroom, as well as a large wardrobe
  • Wheelhouse forward with good views to the work areas ensures safe working conditions
  • Main deck crane with high load capacity and integrated winch
  • Two cabins with room for two persons
Main deck crane 35 tm
Cargo hold 210 m3
Cargo capacity 137 tons
Ballast 15 m3
Tonnage  > 100 GT


As part of the research project regarding vessels purely focused on industrial seaweed farming, a contract was signed with Nutrimar and Fosen Yard for the construction of two seaweed harvesters - Nordskag and the sister vessel Vågøy.

The vessels are no more than 15 m long, but with a width of 9.4 m they have plenty of space onboard. They are part of establishing a sustainable seaweed industry based in central Norway.

The vessels have a single hull that has good seaworthiness, and the feedback on how the vessels behave in operation has been very positive. They are reliable and can take a beating – just like a seaweed harvester must.


Photos of Nordskag