Sletta Verft


Frøy Fighter was the world's largest service vessel as a new-build when it was delivered from Sletta Verft in 2015. The vessel has optimized hull lines and propulsion system. Few vessels use less fuel for propulsion than this one.

– Svein K. Waagbø, Møre Maritime

  • Cargo hold split into three parts: dry cargo hold, fish hold and area for oxygen generation.
  • Equipped with extras such as 2x Thermolicer & WASSP
  • Three large remotely controlled Palfinger cranes with long reach 
  • High class crew facilities with modern mess, dayroom and excellent views from the operating area
  • Five cabins with room for eight persons
Main deck crane 150 tm
Deck area 350 m2
Ballast 250 m3
Cargo hold 320 m3
Tonnage 499 GT
Load capacity on deck 160 t


Frøy Fighter was the world's largest service vessel for the aquaculture industry when it was ordered - and thus an innovative and exciting concept. Large emphasis was placed on the hull design and propulsion systems during the design phase in order to reduce fuel consumption.

The vessel is equipped with three complete Thermolicer systems on deck, and is a solid weapon in the fight against lice as it can carry out a wide range of different tasks. The equipment can be demobilized if necessary, such that the vessel can carry out other operations.

Arrangements have been made for the vessel to be able to carry out treatment with hydrogen peroxide, and it can be equipped with a smaller fish tank which can be used to transport cleaner fish.

With its unique hull shape, excellent seakeeping characteristics and seaworthiness, it is specially adapted for work in exposed waters.

Photos of Frøy Fighter