Seaweed farming vessel


Length [m]

Breadth [m]

Cargo hold capacity [m3]

Draft max [m]

Seaweed cargo capacity [tons]

As a result of the research project, three different vessel concepts with different harvesting and storage capacities were developed.

Concept 1 is to use a normal service vessel in the aquaculture industry for operations in sheltered waters. The deck crane will be equipped with a module to scrape the seaweed off the ropes. The ropes are collected in a drum on the work deck, and the seaweed is stored in plastic tubs which can be removed when the vessel goes in ordinary service. 

Concept 2 is a seaweed harvester, which has materialized in the form of two new builds for Nutrimar with the MachoTrawl15 design. 

Concept 3 is primarily a seaweed farming vessel, but can be used as a service vessel in the off-season through module-based solutions. The vessel's design ensures that it can operate in exposed waters and harvest seaweed in rough and heavy seas. The design's hull is based on the well-developed hull lines from our service vessels.  

The seaweed farming vessel has good propulsion and maneuvering performance to be able to keep position and direction at the seaweed farms.

The vessel is equipped with a launching system with spools of cultivation rope. The ropes are pulled in using a winch, and the seaweed is peeled off using a shackle attached to a crane. When the ropes have been cleaned and the seaweed has been harvested, they are spooled onto a storage drum.

The design has storage facilities for ropes, buoys and equipment for efficient harvesting, processing, storage and unloading. 

We believe that this will be a large industry in the future, and expect that there will be more seaweed harvesting in exposed waters. Our concepts take this into account.