The world's first stun and bleed vessel as a new-build is designed by Møre Maritime and is currently in operation for De Bruyn in Tasmania.

After the successful design of the stun and bleed vessel Emmanuel, the Macho36 APV, we have worked on further development and refinement of the solutions. We can therefore now offer designs for a series of process vessels with length 19, 20, 24, 30, 36, 40 and 55 m. 

Our designs focus on fish welfare and gentle handling of fish. Onboard there are automated lines for stunning and bleeding, before the fish is taken directly to pre-cooled RSW tanks.

Our smaller process vessel designs can operate as standby vessels which can go in and carry out emergency stun and bleed in times of crisis, thereby reducing fish death. 


Based on our well-refined and efficient hulls, the vessels will have a low fuel consumption. This, in combination with the collection of blood-contaminated water, results in a good environmental profile.

A processing vessel helps in transporting the salmon from the fish farm to the market in a shorter time, and this reduces the number of trucks on the roads - that in itself is a victory for the environment.

Macho36 APV

The world's first stun and bleed vessel as a new-build had this design. The main dimensions are 36 x 12 m and the cargo capacity is 220 tons of fish. 

Macho19 APV

Combination vessel with length 19 m. This process vessel can carry out emergency stun and bleed as well as operate as a service vessel when needed.

Macho55 APV

A green concept for gentle stun & bleed and transport of fish from the fish farms. Capacity 100 tons/hour.

Macho25 APV

Macho20 Cermaq

Combination vessel with length 25 m. It can be outfitted with deck equipment and operate as a service vessel.