Through a research project funded by the Research Council of Norway, we have developed several concepts which have industrial seaweed farming as the main focus. The vessels have a modular system which means that they can be gradually re-rigged according to season - and thus carry out alternative operations.

Kelp can be used as a raw material for many different products such as food, animal feed, pharmaceutical products, biochemicals, fertilizers and bioenergy. Consiering the very good growing conditions along the Norwegian coast, we believe that industrial kelp cultivation is an industry for the future.

We focus on well-refined energy efficient hulls in all of our designs. As kelp also has the potential to replace a number of products based on fossil raw materials and can be used to capture carbon and recycling of nutrients from fish farming, the potential for environmental benefits is quite large.


3D Illustrasjon av designet MachoTrawl15

MachoTrawl15 is a compact 15 m workhorse. This seaweed harvester can load 137 tons of seaweed.

Seaweed farming vessel

The research project resulted in three different vessel concepts for industrial seaweed farming.